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Princess Dress Cupcake Cake

Princess Dress Cupcake Cake | Colie's Crochet | coliescrochet.comMy oldest daughter just turned 3. She is like me in many ways but in her choice of tv and toys, she is my total opposite. While I enjoyed playing transformers and superheroes when I was young (although I did go through a my little pony phase), she is all girl. Princesses, dollies and everything is pink! She loves having her fingernails and toenails painted and make-up done and having embraced my girlie side rather late, I gladly oblige. :) Since Frozen came out last year she has been obsessed! And sometime around April, she decided that she would be Elsa for Halloween. I had seen a photo floating around Facebook of a princess cupcake cake that was all pink which I of course couldn’t find when the time came to make her cake. And I couldn’t really find anything on the internet that showed how to make one. Since she wanted an Elsa cake, I thought this would be the perfect idea. So here is my first attempt at a non-crochet tutorial (I apologize in advance for the poor lighting in my kitchen) and I hope you enjoy!

What you’ll need: 

  • 36-48 cupcakes
  • frosting (lots of it – I made a triple batch of my favorite frosting)
  • large decorator’s frosting bags (one for each color of frosting)
  • large star or flower decorator’s tip
  • cupcake liners
  • gel food coloring
  • Sixlets, edible pearls, sanding sugar, sugar flakes, other candies or whatever you would like to decorate your cupcake dress with
  • ribbon and/or tulle
  • Princess crown
  • scissors
  • Aluminum foil (optional, to cover cake board)
  • cake board
  • cake box for transporting (if needed)

I make my own cupcakes and frosting because my son is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts but you can use store-bought frosting and boxed cake-mix. Everything else can be purchased at your local craft store or even at Wal-mart.

Some tips:

  • Bake your cupcakes and mix your frosting ahead of time.
  • Use gel food coloring so your frosting doesn’t become runny. Plus a little goes a long way with gel food coloring so it saves you in the long run!
  • If you don’t have a decorator’s bag on hand, you can snip a corner off of 2 gallon size freezer bags and stick a tip in between the two bags, filling the inner bag with frosting. Using two bags allows you to switch colors quickly and also adds to the strength of the freezer bags and prevents a frosting blow-out. You can do this with decorator’s bags also for ease-of-use.
  • If you decide to use the tulle for the dress to come down from the belt and over the cupcakes, I would staple or tape the tulle to the cake board between the cupcakes before frosting them. I would decorate the top cupcakes first, then carefully fold the tulle up, frost the cupcakes below and then carefully fold it back down over the dress.
  • As with all of my crochet patterns, please read all of the directions first

Princess Dress Cupcake Cake | Colie's Crochet | coliescrochet.comStep 1: On a cake board covered in foil, arrange your cupcakes in the shape of a princess dress. For more of a ball gown, I would make the bottom more of a bell shape or an upside-down ‘U’ shape. Depending on the size of your cake board, you may need more or less cupcakes than shown below. Once you have them laid out the way you like, put a little dab of frosting underneath each cupcake to hold it in place (awesome way to keep your cupcakes in place for transporting!) Then using a large star tip (a flower tip would work great here too, I was going for more of a snowflake look), fill your decorator’s bag with the main color of frosting for your dress. Squeeze out enough frosting to cover most of the top of each cupcake. You don’t have to be exact here as we will go back and fill in the spaces.

Princess Dress Cupcake Cake | Colie's Crochet | coliescrochet.comStep 2: Fill in all of the spaces between and around each cupcake. I went back and added even smaller white stars to look like snowflakes.

Princess Dress Cupcake Cake | Colie's Crochet | coliescrochet.comStep 3: Decorate your princess cake with all the candies, sugars, etc. that your little heart desires!

Step 4: Using ribbon and/or tulle, cut strips to length leaving a few inches on each side to tuck under cupcakes where necessary. I tucked the “belt” in first and then slid the other ribbons underneath the belt arranging them lengthwise down the dress and tucked them in at the bottom of the dress underneath the cupcakes.

Step 5: Set a princess crown on top and stand back and take in all of your hard work.

Princess Dress Cupcake Cake | Colie's Crochet | coliescrochet.com

Princess Dress Cupcake Cake | Colie's Crochet | coliescrochet.com And there you have a pretty princess dress cupcake cake!

Princess Dress Cupcake Cake | Colie's Crochet | coliescrochet.comThis one sure made my little princess very happy!

I also think this would make a wonderful cake for a wedding shower with a little tiara on the top. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. I had so much fun making this cake and I hope you do too! What will you be using this the Princess Dress Cupcake Cake for?

Please share finished projects with me! You can share it with me on any of my social media – links are all below!

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