The Walking Tourists and a Giveaway!!!

A fellow local blogger asked me to take part in their 3rd Blogging Birthday and of course I said yes! They will be doing NINE different giveaways from now through October to celebrate this huge milestone! You can read more about that here. And I get to be a part of the first giveaway! If you are visiting my blog for the first time, you can read more about me on my about me page. And if you haven’t read the Walking Tourists before, here is a brief synopsis of what their blog is about:

Who are the Walking Tourists?

We love traveling – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally (not as often as we would like). We originally started the  site to share our experiences with friends and family.

Whether it’s across the world or in our own backyard in Omaha, Nebraska, we love to explore the sites and experiences all around us.  Lisa Trudell was in the travel industry for over 16 years now working for both a hotel company and later as a travel agent.  Tim Trudell is the photographer of the couple taking photos of fabulous places, people, and events.   We have traveled for business, for sporting events, extended family trips and of course for fun.  Even if we have been to the same city several times before, we look for the undiscovered treasures that we have yet to have found.  The reason for the walking tourists just indicates that we like to take our time walking to most local destinations once there to be able to discover the little things along the way.

On to the giveaway!

You may recognize this scarf because it is the pattern I just released on Thursday and you can get your hands on this exact scarf!!!Chunky-Ribbed-Infinity-Scarf-Colie's-Crochet

Read the Walking Tourists post about their travels to the bridges of Madison County and enter the giveaway here for your chance to win this scarf (retail value of $40.95) and to grab some great items from the Bridges of Madison County Festival!

If you are interested in purchasing a scarf from me, check out the shop listing here to send me a request for a custom order and check out all of the items in my shop here!









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