12 Crochet Pencil Patterns – A Roundup

Since there are 5 Mondays in September (and I’m still not quite ready to release my next pattern), I wanted to do another fun pattern round up. This week, I think just about every kid in the US has gone back to school. My inner nerd immediately thinks of the smell of a newly sharpened pencil. I’ve looked on Ravelry (a crocheter’s paradise!) and found some great free and paid patterns for all things pencil-y! Enjoy! 

Crochet Pencis | A Roundup of Free and Paid Patterns | Colie's Crochet | coliescrochet.com

All patterns found on Ravelry.com and can either be purchased or downloaded directly from Ravelry or links are given for blogs and other websites where the patterns can be found. 

1. Pencil Case by Belle Tracy on Ravelry. A cute little pencil shaped pencil case to hold all of your freshly sharpened pencils!

2. Pencil Afghan by Jean R. Leffler on Ravelry. An afghan made up of strips that looked like pencils all neatly lined up just like kids at the end of recess!

3. Back to School Coaster by Amber Jones of Yarn Pixie. A cute little pencil shaped coaster that would make a great gift for a teacher to set a coffee cup on!

4. Pencil Dishcloth by Lily / Sugar’n Cream on Ravelry. A fun pencil-shaped dishcloth to wash all of those dirty containers from school lunches!

5. Crochet Pattern – PENCIL – Pencil Case / Purse by Sky Magenta on Ravelry. Use this pencil-shaped case as a purse or to store all of your pens and pencils (or crochet hooks, scissors, and needles)!

6. Pencil Mug Rug by Kathleen Stuart on Ravelry. A great little coaster for that favorite teacher to hold their favorite drink without messing up all of those papers that need grading!

7. Pencil and Finger Lip Balm Cozie Crochet Pattern by Cathy Scott on Ravelry. Store your favorite lip balm in this cute little pencil-shaped cozie!

8. Pencil Necklace Purse by Aundie Molina on Ravelry. You can store your essentials in this adorable pencil-shaped necklace/purse!

9. Pencil Scarf by April Hudson on Ravelry. Keep yourself warm on that long walk to school with this pencil-shaped scarf!

10. Colored Pencils by CrochetNPlayDesigns on Ravelry. Make yourself (or your favorite student or teacher) a whole set of these adorable amigurumi pencils!

11. Bookmark by LittleOwlsHut on Ravelry. Crochet a pencil bookmark for your favorite bookworm! 

12. Penny Pencil by Katie Rogers of Purple Bird Crochet. Another adorable little amigurumi pencil named Penny. This one comes with a bonus amigurumi apple named Albert!

Hope you enjoyed my little pencil-shaped roundup and got in your geek fix like I did with this one! 🙂 Spread your love of crochet pencils and comment, share, and pin!

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