Introducing Baby #3!!!

It's A Girl, Baby #3, Colie's CrochetI’m so excited to share with you that we are expecting our third child! We found out on Wednesday, January 15th that we will be welcoming a baby girl on June 3rd of this year.

Baby #3, Colie's Crochet

This may be the third time around but the miracle of life has not lost its luster on us. There is nothing like hearing and seeing that heartbeat for the first time and seeing what you’ve felt for weeks, your baby, moving inside you with the help of an ultrasound. We decided to bring the kids along for the ultrasound so they could share in the special moment with us (To learn more about my family, check out my About Me page).

Baby Dinosaur, Colie's Crochet

Our son was instantly disappointed that we were having a girl. That was quickly forgotten when the ultrasound tech snapped a picture of the baby’s bone structure and he has proudly shown the picture of his baby dinosaur to family and friends. Our daughter is two. Let’s be real; she has no idea what is about to happen to her in a few short months.

Baby Girl, Colie's Crochet

We haven’t been able to find names we love or agree upon so up until now, the hubby was intent on calling the baby ‘Karl.’ My intuition (which has been right each time, I might add) told me that our baby was a girl so I have called her ‘Eloise.’ Hopefully, in the next few months, we will find a name we both can agree upon.

Nicole-Colie's Crochet

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